About us

Broud knows firsthand that even the boldest businesses need lawyers. Not only do we encompass well-seasoned legal practitioners but also successful entrepreneurs, directors, and founders.

Based on our activities, we figured out our superpower. It is symbiotic expertise in international law, nuances of relocation, finance, and Blockchain technologies. We are eager and resolutely determined to become part of your company rather than apply the craftsman’s approach.

We are keen on business and well-versed in it. Thus we may help you make a step forward and hit the anticipated target.

Our mission

Our mission

Any business has limitless capacities. Therefore, we would like everyone to pursue their ambitions in the global market in a consistent and legal way. We will be a robust backbone for you because your good name and interests are our top priority.

Our goal

Relevant information makes it possible to achieve any business goals. Consequently, we are guided by our own willingness to become the most renowned Russian law firm. Collaborate with Broud, read Broud, trust Broud, and do not fear to play for high stakes!

If such traits as boldness, decisiveness, confidence, responsibility, and limitlessness are immanent in your personality, we are bound to establish partnership or even friendship! For our own part, we guarantee a fair approach and non-disclosure of data.

Our goal

Our partners

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Development of boutique IT products for management and business optimization


An upmarket real estate agency in Dubai


The largest Russian supplier of mining equipment


Comprehensive marketing and IT solutions for business

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